Ft: Godly Ass 163/99 Druid

Diablo II Expansion item trading
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Ft: Godly Ass 163/99 Druid

Post by Jessica-Morgan » February 24th, 2008, 5:04 pm

Hi, i've decided to quit playing d2 cuz i wanna play badminton more competively and xbox so i do not have time for d2. all of this stuff is either Perm or legit,so it will never poof. if you have any questions/concerns please pm me.

I am mainly taking $ offers, but i will see what i can get for it with fg as i may need it if i ever decide to comeback/ join WoW or something. offer me $ offers via pm please!
Also if you have offers on seperate offers PM ME THEM ONLY, i am looking to sell as a package mainly, but if you need just maingear or just inventory pm me offers and i might be willing to do something(probally have to overpay for it.)

Main Gear:
Eth 8/8 Dur 20/15'd Sbranch Wand( wand from AscendancyX, jewel from randomz)
74Defense Trang Gloves
1x Perm Sloop( Got from my friend Deal @ jsp, converted by him i've had for 2+ years now)
1x Ospiral Ring( Ring Is Still on classic)
Perm DGLP( Also from Deal @ jsp, i've had for 1 year)
115% Ed Spider
Tigulated Mail(non ed, if want i can get a 15ed mage and swap them. got from zanarkandffx2)
Ebug Spirit, 35fcr 94Mana 6Absorb( got from MR2GT)
1Druid/19Fcr/27Str/15Mana Amulet( this is a great amulet because at level 94 you do not need any into str to be able to use coa, leaving 1x ring free for fcr/life/res w/e you want)
105def 25Res 31 Dr Coa

2/6Bo/3 Cta
35Fcr Spirit Monarch

20/17 Druid Torch( got from mainz)
19/20/5 Anni( got from Falcon_3000)
5x 45 Lace Shape Elemental GCS(Bought from d2legit, pm me for reciept)
1x 43 Lace Shape Elemental GC(Got from chike)
2x 45 Eye Shape Elemental GCs(unsure where i got these but 100% legit had for long time)
1x Lightning Bolt Shape 20/5 SC( got from xSmithenatorx2)
2x Footbal Shape 20/5 SCS(d2legit to long ago so dont got reciept)
4x Bear Claw Shape 20/5 SCS(got from typhoid)
2x Bear Claw Shape 20/11Fr SCS(got from jomomma)
1x Bear Claw Shape 20/11LR SC(d2 legit to long ago so dont got reciept)

Ebug 4Lo Monarch
Ebug 4Jah Monarch(awsome when using wiz glvoes vs necs Huge life!)
16% Sorb Wisp Ring
Bul Katho's Ring
Bul Katho's Ring
3Elemetal 136 Life Circlet(1 socketed with pruby)
HotSpur Boots
Noko Amulet
Crappy Doom Zerker(Good vs Necs, alot harder to walk outta stomps)
34Fcr Spirit Sword(used for various builds)

sorry about the history, i use that d2jsp site and all those guys are trusted people on there and i posted on that site too..


Agent Banks
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Post by Agent Banks » February 26th, 2008, 2:01 am

Wtf do kids still ebay gear? I've got plently more to sell :) KCD didn't buy me out completely
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Post by Jessica-Morgan » February 27th, 2008, 2:01 pm

lawl, im selling this thing for like $150 to some fag on d2jsp.org

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