so i made a barb for tpk

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so i made a barb for tpk

Post by j_d » March 16th, 2005, 3:01 pm

as for the xpac people there. i made this barb for tpk. it was yone and frank's idea. so i just went with it. its a dual axe wielder. im too lazy to go over all of it so ill just put skills stats etc...

stats -

str- this barb had a base of 70 str because of some of my gear. i.e. my bo helm (halabreds crown) and my coa. also i am using a whrymhide enigma which has req. of 88 str. i found that 70 str gives more flexability with items.

dex- enough in dex for max block with a storm shield. right now with all gear its around 200 not sure?

vita- all remaining

energy - none

skills- (self explanitory cept for 1 minor adjustment)

leap - max
ww - max
master - max
bo - max
shout - all remaining points

(and of course all pre req.)

this barb is a leap barb. used for the stun / knockback. did some testing with yone and it proves very very useful. hopefully we use in tpk and tell everyone how it does. for now pubby's get dealt. casters have hard time tele'in more than twice when in my radius of knockback. the knockback radius is around 24 yards at lvl 36 or so. that is from me, to the edge of the screen, plus 1/2 of a screen ( or 1 full screen away from me)

thats about all.

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